Why Frey?

Scents have the power to transform mundane tasks into something magical. With naturally-derived ingredients and eco-friendly options, Frey is striving to create a better world with each and every wash.

Vegan &

Join 330,000+ people who have made the switch.

  • Clean ingredients for a powerful clean.
  • Intoxicating scents inspired by nature.
  • Removes tough stains & strong odors.
  • Hypoallergenic + great for sensitive skin.
  • One tree planted for every order

"When it comes to consumer products, we generally think about Procter & Gamble & its various offerings. However, in an age where people are identifying with the products they use, Frey is a clothing brand that is disrupting the laundry industry."

"The scent is earthy and outdoorsy...yet refreshing. It’s definitely reminiscent of cologne/perfume — but more subtle!— and, in fact, that is specifically why people (including myself) are obsessed with it."

"If I knew switching to laundry detergent that is free of harmful chemicals, parabens, OBA's, FBA's, or sulfates & made from natural plant-derived ingredients was this amazing for my clothes, and the environment I would have done it years ago!”

"Typical liquid detergent has challenges: the amount of plastic used for the packaging, & the amount of water used, making it heavier and increasing carbon emissions. Some detergents are as much as 80% water. Frey is changing the game."

5,310 Reviews

Skeptics Turned Subscribers

“I can’t envision a day where I ever stop using Frey. So far my favorite is the Bergamot Beach, which is masculine enough for my boyfriend’s clothes but not too overpowering for mine.
Use this and your clothes will smell amazing weeks later when you pull them out of the drawer, you will get compliments on how good they smell...”

Jamie L.

"Frey makes it so your clothes will disappear. It’s awful. My girlfriend keeps stealing my clothing so she can lay around in them and always have the smell of me around because “I’ve never smelled this good before”. Now I need more clothes. Thanks a lot Frey... "

T.J. P.

“Why the heck were we ever using detergent filled with water and bottled in plastic jugs in the first place!? This is SO much better! My clothes smell amazing and I constantly get compliments. No blue goo mess in my laundry room, the packaging is small and takes less space on my shelf."

Mary W.
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