Product Questions

 What scent should I order?

Choosing the right scent for yourself can be a tough decision. Here’s a breakdown of our signature scents:

Bergamot Beach (Notes of Sandalwood, Bergamot and Clove): This fragrance brings the clean and refreshing scent of the beach into your home with added warmth and comfort.

Cedar Grove (Notes of Cedarwood, Oakmoss, and Amber): This fragrance brings the woodsy, citrusy and warm scent of the forest into your home with added subtle sweetness and warmth.

Jasmine Meadow (Notes of Jasmine, Rose and White Cedar): This fragrance brings the floral and earthy scent of blooming jasmine flowers which strikes a balance between floral delicacy and earthy depth.

How many loads of laundry will I get out of each product?

Each product will differ slightly but here’s a breakdown of most popular laundry products:

Laundry Detergent Sheets: 30 medium-sized loads per box. Depending on your load size, you can tear the sheet in half and use a half sheet for smaller loads giving you more loads.

Liquid Laundry Detergent: 50 medium-sized loads per bottle.

Dryer Sheets: 30 loads per box. 

Fabric Softener: 50 loads per bottle.

How do I use Frey detergent sheets?

To use Frey detergent sheets, simply choose your sheet size (1 full sheet or ½ sheet) and place directly into your laundry machine with the laundry. The sheet will disintegrate as water is added and turn into a soapy substance, leaving your clothes fresh and clean!

How are Frey detergent sheets different from typical liquid laundry detergent?

Unlike typical liquid laundry detergents, Frey detergent sheets are easier to use and create less of a mess. Instead of worrying about having to pour the correct amount from the detergent bottle, to the cap, and then into the machine, simply place your sheet in the machine with your clothes. Frey detergent sheets also take up way less space in storage. 

Are Frey products non-toxic?

Yes, Frey products are non-toxic and eco-friendly. Our products are bleach & dye free, phthalate free, and phosphate free. Plus, our sheets do not contain any plastic.

Are Frey products good for sensitive skin?

All Frey products have been hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. 

Order Questions

I made an error on my order,  what should I do?

If you have made an error in the quantity, scent, or shipping address for your order, please reach out and let us know as quickly as you can.

However, if your order has shipped with an error, you can still reach out to us and we will make sure to take care of everything for you.

Simply send us a message at hello@frey.support and we’ll be happy to help.

When will my order ship?

Once your order is submitted it will generally be fulfilled and shipped within 48 hours.

I never received my package, what should I do?

If you have not receive your order within a reasonable amount of time, please reach out to us so we can confirm your shipping address and locate your shipment or replace your shipment for you.

What’s your refund policy & how does the 100% money back guarantee work?

Before 30 days of purchase, if you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please reach out to hello@frey.support and let us know. We will either send you a replacement or refund your order.

Your customer experience is our priority, and our goal is to do everything we can to make your experience a positive one.

Subscription Questions

How can I subscribe to my favorite Frey products?

To subscribe to your favorite Frey products, simply visit the product page and choose the “Subscribe & Save” button underneath the scent selector. While viewing your cart, before checking out, you’ll have another chance to opt in on subscription. If you need any help getting subscribed, just email our team at hello@frey.support.

How often will my subscription be delivered?

You can choose the cadence of your subscription delivery. Choose between every 30 days, every 45 days, or every 60 days. If you need help changing your subscription delivery schedule, email hello@frey.support.

Can I subscribe to more than one product?

Yes! Just follow the same process listed under question 1 for all products you’d like to subscribe to. Each product can be on its own individual delivery schedule. Meaning if you need detergent every 30 days, but dryer sheets every 60 days, you can make that customization!

How do I make changes to my subscription?

Need to make updates to your subscription? You can self manage your subscription by creating your account, or logging in if you have already created your account and then clicking “Edit” to make any changes.

If you need any assistance, please feel free to reach out to us.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can access your account which allows you to make any changes to your subscription at any time. You simply create your account, or log in if you have already created your account and then click “Edit” to make any changes.

Before you decide to do this, we would love to connect about any concerns or questions that you might have so that we can help to resolve any issues.

If you have too much product, for example, you can delay or skip your next order. You can even pause for multiple months, depending on your laundry needs.

Please reach out to hello@frey.support and our customer experience specialists are available and happy to help.

Didn't find what you were looking for? Contact us at hello@frey.support