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Please read our Frequently Asked Questions

I received damaged items
Our team takes great care in shipping our product to you, but occasionally packages can be damaged during transit. We are happy to make sure that everything is fixed!

As company policy, we’ll need you to send over your order number and photo documentation of the damaged or leaking item(s) in order for us to assist you.

Our customer service department will take good care of you!
How to change the shipping address in an order?
  • Changes to the shipping address can only be made if your order has not been fulfilled.
  • If the shipping address provided is incorrect, our customer service team can help you fix this from our end.
  • Just write an email with the correct address & order number and send it to hello@frey.support
  • Once the order has been picked, we will no longer be able to edit your shipping address.
Why was I charged 18 days after ordering a sample bundle?
  • Our sample bundle comes is part of our sample to subscription plan, which starts 18 days after the sample is ordered.
    • Purchasing The Detergent Sample Bundle will sign you up for The Complete Package
    • Purchasing The Body Wash Sample Bundle will sign you up for The Personal Care Kit
    • Purchasing both samples will sign you up for both The Complete Package and The Personal Care Kit
  • You can cancel or edit the subscription at any time, even immediately after purchasing the samples.
How do I return my order?
  • FREY is a company based on customers’ satisfaction, if you don't like your products, we offer full refunds on products within 30 days of your purchase. You just have to cover the shipping back to us.
  • If you wish to return an order for a refund, just write into hello@frey.support and one of our customer service representatives will take care of you if your order is eligible for a return.
How long for a refund to show on my account?
  • While a refund is reflected immediately on our end, our payment processor (Stripe) might take a bit longer to process the request.
    • The funds might take 5 to 10 working days to hit your account.
  • If after 10 working days you still can’t see the funds, don’t hesitate to message us and we will double-check the status of your refund.
What payment methods do you accept?
  • We accept all major credit cards.
    • Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club.
  • We DO NOT accept Prepaid cards.
  • We DO NOT accept paypal, apple pay, or amazon pay at the moment.
How to edit/cancel a subscription?
  • You can edit or cancel your subscription directly from the customer portal by logging into your account.
  • Just head over to log in clicking here.
    • If you don't remember your password: you can easily reset it with the "Forgot your password?" link below the login.
    • If you still can't login, please make sure you didn't use a different email.
  • Once logged in, you will be taken to your customer portal dashboard.
  • Click on "View subscription" to edit your plan or any specific item (you can edit your frequency, add/remove/edit items, change the renewal date, and pause/cancel your plan).
  • To change the fragrance or the quantity, just click on "edit" under each product or bundle. (If you wish to change the fragrance of the entire subscription, you have to edit each product).
  • To skip a shipment or cancel a subscription item click on "Pause Plan"
  • You can cancel the entire subscription by clicking on Cancel Plan. Once you finish editing, click on "Update Subscription" to save the changes.
  • If you need any help logging in or editing/canceling your membership, please reach out to us through hello@livefrey.com or text us at +1 442 2693739.
Thank you for trying Frey and remember you can always come back, we never hold grudges 😉. You can re-activate your subscription at any time!
What are your shipping fees?
  • Within the US: We offer free regular shipping on all orders over $80
  • For any questions regarding international orders, you can contact our customer service team below.
Are your products made of 100% natural ingredients?
  • Our ingredients are derived from natural ingredients such as saponified coconut oil, we also run all of our ingredients through EWG in which we use the highest rated ingredients for that particular category.
  • For further information about our ingredients, you can reach out to us and one of our representatives will answer all your questions!
My package was lost in transit
If your tracking information has stopped updating and you have already reached out to the carrier, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at Hello@frey.support. We’ll make sure you get your order!
My tracking information shows delivered, but the package is not here
When your package is shipped, you should receive an email from us with your tracking information.
  • The tracking status will update to Delivered once the order has been dropped off at the shipping address provided to us.
  • If the address is wrong, the package will be rejected and returned to us (which shows in tracking).
  • When it shows as delivered, sometimes it can take 24 hours to 48 hours to actually arrive even if it says it is delivered.
  • If it shows delivered and the package hasn’t shown up after 48 hours, then something has happened between the courier and where they delivered your order.
After a couple days if you still cannot find your package, here are a couple things you can do:
  • Make sure a friend, family member, roommate, neighbor, or someone else has not grabbed it.
  • Or that the courier has not put it in a different place than normal.
  • If you live in an apartment building, make sure the front desk does not have it.
  • Your local USPS office does not have it.
If it doesn't turn up, let us know, and we'll see what we can do!
Missing products/wrong orders
Our warehouse makes a huge effort to ship the right order and products. However, sometimes mistakes can happen.
  • If you received a wrong item or you’re missing a product, don’t hesitate to contact us and our support team will get this fixed and ship you out any missing items. We also let you keep any items we may have shipped to you on accident :)
  • We’ll need you to send over photo documentation of the items you received for us to assist you!
Can't apply my discount code
Discount codes can be easily applied at checkout to one-time purchases. If a discount code is not working, please make sure that:
  • You are applying only one code (discounts are meant to be used individually).
  • Your order fits the discount criteria.
  • The discount code hasn’t expired.
If you’re still having trouble with the discount, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
What types of washing machines are compatible with FREY laundry care products?
Our laundry care products are compatible with all types of washing machines, including front loading, top loading, and high-efficiency machines.
Are your fragrances male or female friendly?
We do not consider our fragrances to be male or female scents, but rather natural. All our fragrances come from nature and they blend in to fit male and female customers. However, female customers tend to be more drawn towards our Jasmine/Rose/White Cedar fragrance.
How to avail wholesale in FREY?
To become part of our wholesale program, just contact our wholesale department through wholesale@liveFREY.com. They will make sure to answer all your questions and help in any way possible.
How do I cancel an order? / Is it too late to cancel an order?
To cancel an order you will need to reach out to our customer service team. Customers are not allowed to cancel paid orders from their end.

If the order is still awaiting fulfillment, our customer service team will surely take care of the cancelation. However, once a shipping label has been created, the order is no longer eligible for cancelation.
Is cancelling my subscription the same as cancelling an order?
No. Orders can only be canceled by contacting our customer service team. If you cancel a subscription, this will not cancel your order. Canceling the subscription will only avoid a new charge to generate in the future.

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