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Smells great!

Easy to use and really does smell wonderful. It cleans well, too.

Fragrance Booster
Sue Stever
Scent-worthy!!!!! Absolutely love this detergent. Laundry booster.

Absolutely love this detergent and sent booster. I am so glad I give it a try. I am used to using Gaun and now this is a game changer.!!!

Nice Subtle Smell

I was concerned that the scents (I got the Jasmine Rose one) would be too strong, but it is very subtle and pleasant. I tested it on a quilt that smelled kinda musty from my dogs laying on it, and the odor was gone! That sold me right there. I will say I did not expect them to be damp, and need to be kept sealed.
I would like to suggest coming up with a better way to dispense the detergent sheets- like a reusable and sealable container that will keep the sheets damp, that the customer just reloads.

Laundry Detergent Sheets

Great Product

Love this addition to the basic laundry lineup. Good smelling clothes are all I've ever wanted in this life.

Fragrance Booster
Rhett Quattlebaum

Smells like a man

Fabric Softener
T. Freeman
Best Fabric Softener EVER

I have never been a fan of fabric softener because it always made the clothing I used it on would begin to feel "icky". THIS STUFF THOUGH....THIS STUFF IS AMAZING. It takes very little and your clothing feels and smells amazing and helps with static cling and wrinkles. YOU HAVE TO TRY IT

Great product & price!

Love the laundry sheets as I no longer have to worry about spilling liquid detergent & easy to store in glass container for asthetic purposes.


Love that! Strong smell!!!

Liquid Laundry Detergent

Long lasting smell!

Last for days!

Liquid Laundry Detergent
Andrew J Moffatt
Smells Amazing!

Pleasantly surprised at how clean and non toxic it smells and feels. My clothes smell amazing and not over powering. Just a sweet subtle fresh scent. Love it!!

Liquid Laundry Detergent

Smells amazing

This has somehow made laundry fun for me. Smells so great. Takes up such little space. And super eco. Love it!


Smells better than anything out there!! Cleans better thank anything too!

Smells great and cleans well

I wanted the laundry liquid but it was out of stock in my preferred scent so I gave the detergent sheets a try, and honestly I might not ever go back. They clean just as well, scent is just as strong, and they are less mess and less waste. Overall a great buy that I will repurchase!

Universal Freshener
Patricia Winter
Smells wonderful

I purchased the Bergamot blend and it smells masculine like a fine men’s cologne, so my husband enjoys the scent as much as I do. Not everything has to smell flowery.

Fresh smell

I love Frey. I’ve been using it for two years. It works and smells amazing. I wish you would bring back the hand soap and body wash. I loved them too.

Laundry Detergent Sheets
Tricia Mandrell
The smell is everything!!

I was skeptical about buying the laundry sheets but I am so glad I did!! They smell so good and I actually look forward to doing laundry now!!

Great Smell

Love that my entire house can smell as good as my laundry room.

Love it!

The fragrance is subtle and the cleaning power is amazing!! Already on my 2nd order.

Love this so much!

I love the fragrance and everything about the detergent and fabric softener. My adult sons are big fans as well.

Fragrance Booster
Ivi Bjornsdottir
Simply the best...

... better than all the rest..

Liquid Laundry Detergent
Lacey Easthouse
Works good, smells good

I really like the pump bottle. Great idea for detergent. Smells good but I will try different scents. I’m not totally sold on this one.

Fragrance Booster
Kobi Brock

When I received these they had leaked in the box. Both bottle seals had popped and the box smelled like cheap cologne. I wasn’t going to bother sending them back and was going to give them to someone at work. On a whim, I decided to try one and was pleasantly surprised. My laundry came out smelling like a pine forest instead of cheap men’s cologne I will definitely continue using what I have, and seeing if I like it enough to continue buying.