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Laundry Detergent Sheets

Dryer Sheets
Linda Raulerson
Dryer sheets

Fabulous softening. I noticed my towels are soft without static but are still very absorbent

A Little surprisedl

This is my first time using laundry detergent sheets. I was pleasantly surprised as to how much I would like them. Easy to use. Smell is very nice (Bergamot Beach). Decided to try this in efforts of helping the fight against plastics. The cost of these are double than the big plastic jugs. Harder to buy (not convenient when at store). In my opinion if you really want to fight the big dogs and force them to make a change…then try to get products like this in the stores as well. It looks like by subscribing (which is great for the company) they somewhat lower the cost. I do laundry all the time (6 loads today) so we will have to see what I decide for future. I live helping the environment but I have to look at cost as well.

I love this product. Repeat customer, but now it appears as though it isn’t all made in the USA. I’m looking for a product not made in China

Liquid Laundry Detergent

Love the smell!!

Its so much easier & the smell of this is a joy to do the laundry...I wish it was a little stronger so that my clothes would pick up the scent!

Easy use tiles of soap

My first experience was how easy it felt and the laundry came out great! The fragrance is very subtle but nice. I feel so good about this product and how we can save the nature from plastic pollution.

Liquid Laundry Detergent
Nancy Samuelson
Trouble adjusting subscription bottles of the wash

I love the Frey soap and house and fabric spray but cannot seem to adjust the frequency of the delivery. I now have 7 bottles of the washing soap so DO NOT want any more for a while. Can you please help me?

Dryer Sheets
Jamie Birkholz
Very unhappy

I have contact you as I would like a full refund!

So far so good!

Cleans my clothes and gives a very subtle fragrance. Haven’t done lots of loads so we will see how they do with larger loads.

great smell

Love the product. And, each sheet has been perforated, if you want to do a half load. The smell is the best!

Stain Remover
Sue Stever
Great stain remover

This really worked well- wish it came in a BIGGER bottle!!!

Dryer Sheets
Dryer Sheet

Great smell and long lasting smell

Smells delicious

I really love these! It’s not overpowering when you take it out of the dryer, there’s just a hint and when you are doing laundry it almost feels like a luxurious experience!

Laundry soap

I love it. It’s great!!

Smells nice

Frey has been great - pleasant smell but not overpowering and my clothes come out really clean!

Love this laundry sheets!

I switched to Frey from a commercial brand of laundry sheets and I couldn't be happier. My clothes are cleaner and knowing they are better for the environment makes me smile. Thank you!

Fragrance Booster
Rebecca Boggs
Favorite scent!

This is definitely my fave smell to have on my clothes

The Complete Package
Torrey Myers
Just the best.

Nothing else I can say. I won't be going back to subpar detergent. Scents are amazing! And they even plant a tree with every order. How can you NOT love FREY?!? 👍👍👍

Dryer Sheets
Kat Bracman
smells so wonderful

these dryer sheets smell sooooo wonderful. natural .Not chemical smells which give me a headache . and makes my clothes very soft. I love the Cedar Grove

Dryer Sheets
Sue Stever
It's FREY for me!!!

From the laundry detergent to the fabric softener- these sheets are the final step to your laundry smelling fantastic for weeks!!! I am a LIFER!!!

Great products

I'm so happy with both the detergent and the dryer sheets. We'd used the laundry soap sheets before and was happy with them so wanted to try the liquid. You don't need much of the liquid and clothes clean like a charm. No static at all with the dryer sheets and an amazing subtle scent. Love!

Laundry Detergent Sheets

This smells so good

The detergent and dryer sheets smell so great. I do notice that the fragrance doesn't linger in the clothing I have washed and dried. That is disappointing. But it starts out really great.

Laundry Detergent Sheets
Lauren Baysinger
They smell amazing!

My husband wasn’t convinced that sheets would clean our stuff as well, but now he uses them for all the laundry. The smell is amazing!