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Liquid Laundry Detergent
Kimberly Gordhamer
I can't open the bottle

I have tried and tried but the pump won't open up. Why? I suppose I could take off the lid but the pump should work? I got the room spray and I do like that. Would live to try laundry soap if only I could open the pump.

Love my laundry sheets

Frey laundry sheets are so easy to use and smell great!

Fabric Softener
Kenneth Yates
Love This Scent

A friend told me about Frey products in 2021 and I have been using them ever since.

Lightweight cleans great

No mess or spilling when using sheets. Cloths come out clean like any other detergent and smell just like liquid Frey.

Fabric Softener
Sharon Gregorio

Fabric Softener

The Laundry Detergent Sample Bundle
Nicole Baldwin

The Laundry Detergent Sample Bundle

Fragrance Booster
Elizabeth Ferrell

Fragrance Booster

Love Mah Sheets!

The detergent sheets are so easy to use. They just pop in and they're just as strong scented as the liquid!

Dryer Sheets
Gina Chaney
Sandalwood, Bergamot and Clove Dryer Sheets

We love these dryer sheets, because the scent is light and isn't overpowering, nor does it leave a waxing film on our clothing.

Way of Life

I'm using the laundry sheets exclusively now. No need for any other washing products in my home. Using the sheets are just so easy as well as effective. I'm a serious recycler. Less plastic containers the more water and fresh air for my (and your) grandchildren.Thankyou for the awesome scents as well!

Laundry Detergent Sheets
Erin Friedrichsen
Love these!

I got the multi pack and love that my family members can easily choose their own scent for their laundry without taking up a lot of space. We love the cleaner scents and can't complain about cleaning power!

Washer sheets

Liked them very much! Easy to use, and simple to store

Laundry Sheets

They were pretty convenient and smelled nice.

Small footprint, good results

The box takes up so little space on my shelf and I don't have to worry about it leaking thick goo! It's amazing that such a little sheet gets my clothes clean and fresh smelling.

Frey Sheets

I love the little box of sheets for laundry. I miss the fragrance though, the liquid smells great after the wash, the sheets leave little fragrance after the wash.

Universal Freshener
Natalia Barishok
Love it!

Nice scent, the ingredients are good!

These clean & smell marvelous!

Been using for over a year now. Clothes clean and smell fresh! Sheets easy and w/o mess, low waste. I use 1/2 a detergent sheet which makes these way more cost effective than they seem at first. Worth a try for sure!

Intoxicating Scent, No Toxic Plastic Waste

Why the heck were we ever using detergent filled with water and bottled in plastic jugs in the first place!? This is SO much better! My clothes smell amazing and I constantly get compliments, there's no blue goo making a mess on my laundry room, the packaging is small and takes less space of my shelf, and I feel really good about eliminating plastic from one more area of my life.

Laundry Detergent Sheets
Cheryl Chappell

Ran out can I renew my membership for the one that I had b 4 free hand soap for life

LOVE at first smell!

One of my friends used frey and I asked her what smelled so good! I have been using it ever since...i LOVE the bergamot scent. omg...I love smelling it as I pull a sheet out to use and smelling it faintly on my clothing...i never really used dryer sheets before anyway...but haven't noticed anything good or bad about how my clothes feel...:)

The new detergent sheets work absolutely fine! Not too bad with stains and general cleaning is fine...I have read that others find the sheets don't dissolve but mine do...have used them maybe 20 or so times:) Love the move to more eco-friendly.


Absolutely incredible product. I love frey as a company so I am a bit biased but these detergent sheets are ingenious. I no longer have to guess how much detergent to use AND gone are the days of having to move a heavy bottle around!!!!


Love this detergent and all the products!

Good try

I'm very excited to have tried these. The idea is amazing. Consolidating detergent power into a tiny box with the elimination of the plastic!! Love the idea. Not sure you have it quite right yet though. I will not be purchasing any more. Had to use at least 3-5 sheets to get my clothes clean. They don't break down and they leave white spots onthe clothes. I wish you luck in perfecting the idea. Sad it didn't perform.

Laundry Detergent Sheets Pack
Gina Pasin

I love the smell of Frey products and really love the idea of detergent sheets. I travel for work so the sheets are very convenient for weight, liquid content, and of course not using a big plastic bottle. Unfortunately, I have noticed oily stains, primarily on my scrubs? Not sure if it's from the detergent or fabric softener sheets as I use both? I do continue to use them as the stains come out and there are worse things on my scrubs so I'm not too worried.

Laundry Detergent Sheets Pack

It sure would be nice if I received any of your products in the last several months. I was charged for products twice and never received them. I do like your products. Letty Foster