Clean Ingredients

The laundry industry is filled with harsh chemicals. That's why we created Frey.

Clean laundry comes from clean ingredients. That’s why with every formulation, we work diligently to ensure the safest, cleanest, and most effective ingredients are used.

Created with powerful natural and plant derived ingredients, our patent-pending detergent is biodegradable, free of harsh chemicals, parabens, dyes, and phosphates, and is tough on stubborn stains and everyday grime.

No Parabens No Synthetic Dyes
No Parabens No Synthetic Dyes

Fresh Scents

We use natural fragrances that make your laundry smell goooood.

Frey was formulated to bring you an aromatic experience beyond “Mountain Breeze” or “Meadow Fresh” scented laundry. Our revolutionary formulas are inspired by natural fragrances in nature, each unique blend offers a subtle yet intoxicating experience that transports you with every wash.

Incredible Scents Natural Fragrances
Incredible Scents Natural Fragrances

Better for the planet

Keeping our planet front of mind.

By creating higher quality products from natural ingredients, concentrating each formula (to result in 70% less plastic), and planting a tree for every order (thanks to their partners at, Frey strives to create a better world with each and every wash.

By choosing socially and eco-conscious brands, you too can do your part in helping keep our planet around for the long haul.

One Order = One Tree Low Carbon Footprint
One Order = One Tree Low Carbon Footprint

Delivered Right To You

Shop our subscription options for an effortless routine.

Life is messy - we get it. That’s why we offer subscription options to provide effortless refills to keep your laundry routine moving smoothly. When you subscribe, you’ll receive discounted pricing, free shipping, and the ability to easily adjust your frequency at anytime.