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We set out to put a little magic into the laundry experience. We wanted to create better products with a better impact, all designed with you in mind and delivered directly to you.

  • Scent beyond words

    Scents have the power to transform mundane tasks into something magical. Your imagination wakes up. You feel inspired. Here at Frey, we're on a mission to transform your world with that power.
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  • More efficiency, better results.

    Our ultra-concentrated formulation allows us to fit more loads into our 16 FL OZ bottle than other brands’ 60 FL OZ bottles. That means less bulk, less plastic and 50 more efficient loads!
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  • The best ingredients

    Every product is meticulously formulated with exceptional ingredients derived from plants to help change your regular routines into out-of-this-world experiences.
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6000+ 5-Star Reviews

Happy Customers

"My clothes smell so good that I had a coworker ask me what perfume I was wearing. It was my new laundry detergent!"

Sarah S.

“Imagine if someone mixed the smell of an understanding boyfriend, alpine lakes, and a burning fireplace into a bottle of laundry detergent. ”

Michaela L.

“I absolutely love this. My bed smells amazing, and I have had the best sleep I have had in years. Absolutely hooked.”

Sam D.


Of course! You are free to change or cancel your Frey subscriptions at any time. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so feel secure knowing that you can return any purchase for a refund, for any reason.

Easy! We made skipping, updating, and cancelling your plan super simple, just by logging in to your account on Frey.com, or by reaching out directly to our Customer Service team.

Feel free to swap your fragrance at any time. You can even mix-and-match any of our great scents.

Yes, you are able to modify your Frey plan by logging in to your account on Frey.com, or by reaching out directly to our Customer Service team.

You bet! Simply find the keyword and our phone number on any of your Frey products to quickly and easily place a re-order. No need to re-enter billing information.

One order, one tree

We partnered with our friends at Trees.org to plant a tree for every order placed and offset our carbon footprint. Our commitment is to creating a better world, by making higher quality products from more natural ingredients starts with you. By choosing socially and eco-conscious brands, you are helping to make the world a better place.

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