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So Why Frey?


Better Scent

Intoxicating notes inspired by top fragrances from around the world that turn your everyday tasks into something extraordinary, whether they’re in your hair or on your body.


Better Ingredients

Every product is meticulously formulated with exceptional natural ingredients to help change your regular routines into out-of-this-world experiences.


Better Impact

Feel incredible, knowing our impact is your impact: We utilize natural ingredients, plant a tree for every order, and are proudly B-Corp and PETA certified. By choosing Frey, you’re making a difference.

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So what’s the catch?

It’s simple, there is none… We want you to love Frey and experience better. We offer a 100% guarantee. If you try us and decide you don't like us, we'll refund you.

Your Personal Care Package arrives 18 days after your sample order!

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The Shampoo - 16oz Price: $22.00 $19.80

Our shampoo blends all the stuff you want (and none of the stuff you don't) into a gentle, nourishing formula that will leave your hair silky, soft, and satisfied.

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The Body Wash - 16oz Price: $18.00 $16.20

Revitalize your skin with our biodegradable exfoliating beads, made from natural ingredients along with everything else in our silky and nourishing body wash.

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The Conditioner - 16oz Price: $22.00 $19.80

For incredible smoothness, shine, and thickness, follow up your shampoo with our natural-ingredient, paraben-free conditioner.

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The Deodorant - 3oz Price: $12.00 $10.80

Start your day with confidence using our breakthrough natural-ingredient deodorant formula (natural-ingredient, and it works!).

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You are in control Take control of your plan with advanced features

  • Can I cancel anytime? Yes
  • Can I skip an order? Yes
  • Can I swap my fragrance? Yes
  • Can I add/remove products? Yes
  • Can I text you to reorder? Yes
  • Will you plant a tree with my order? Yes


We partnered with our friends at to plant a tree for every order placed and offset our carbon footprint. Our commitment is to creating a better world, by making higher quality products from more natural ingredients starts with you. By choosing socially and eco-conscious brands, you are helping to make the world a better place.

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Don’t take our word for it Listen to our over 250,000+ happy customers

Joanna P. verified buyer
Love, love, love “I love these products, the aroma is pleasing, the body wash and shampoo foam nicely, and the conditioner is just right. The deodorant is extremely effective. I can't say enough great things about these products. I hope body and hand lotion are coming soon.. That would be awwesome :)”
Aaron M. verified buyer
Smell and Shine! “The full shampoo and conditioner kit will leave your hair smelling amazing all day!! Great ingredients, leaves your hair with great body and shine! Pair it up with the laundry full wash kit to elevate your sensory experience! Amazing products!”
Cory S. verified buyer
Body Wash Like a Warm Blanket “It covers you like a warm blanket. It's gentle but does the job. It'll leave you smelling great!”
Bella N. verified buyer
You won’t regret it =) “I tried the sample, and I've never committed to anything faster in my life. My depression? Cured. Anxiety? Minimal. Skin? Somewhat cleared. Okay, I may or may not have slightly exaggerated the omnipotency of Frey, but I truly cannot recommend their products enough. The scents are sophisticated and well-crafted, and it sticks around for a long time without being overbearing at all. Also, their mission and dedication to planting trees and bettering the environment is phenomenal. “