The FREY Difference

Created to turn an outdated industry on its head…

Revolutionary products from humble beginnings, created to make a big impact.


FREY was created with you as the focus. Striving for the highest quality ingredients and minimalistic elegance, FREY brings a new element of class to laundry and clothing care, while making a positive impact on the world .


Humble Beginnings

The laundry industry is run by huge corporations that haven’t changed their formulations, bottle designs, or perceptions of their customers in decades.


This means all that’s seen on the shelves of stores are over-sized, brightly-colored bottles of blue goo filled with damaging chemicals and marketed as though it were still the 1950s.

Two brothers, curious as to why every industry but this one seemed to be experiencing positive change, began asking questions.

They discovered that the industry was essentially built on misleading customers:
– Bottles and caps were created to encourage over-usage and filling.
– Formulas incorporated fillers (such as plain water) to give the appearance of more product.

– Harsh chemicals were used to give the initial appearance of a good clean, but in reality damaged fabrics over time.

So, after months of research, a Kickstarter, and initial bottles hand-filled in a basement, FREY was born. Our products are now produced with the highest-quality ingredients by some of the leading manufacturers and one of the top fragrance houses in the US.

World-Class Scent

We questioned why every detergent smelled almost identical, and used artificial fragrances that are not only bad for the environment, but didn’t smell great, either.


So, we partnered with one of the premier fragrance houses in the US to create a scent inspired by the top men’s fragrances, blended with over a dozen essential oils and natural fragrances.

The Scent

Oak, a symbol of strength and endurance, embodied by its austere scent of wood and wild forest, combine with the crisp, natural freshness of cedarwood and the warm, rich tones of amber to form the strong base layer.


This is layered with notes of soft leather accompanied by hints of citrusy bergamot, a touch of geranium, and the fresh, minty-ness of eucalyptus to form a well-balanced scent that leaves your clothing clean with a subtle, distinct edge.


Revolutionary Formulation

We questioned why existing products were using outdated formulas with harmful, damaging chemicals, that hadn’t been updated in years.

So, we created formulations which use primarily natural content and eliminate the harsh chemicals found in most other brands, helping your best garments look better, longer.

For you, for your clothes

Most existing formulations include overly-harsh chemicals such as OBAs, FBAs, damaging surfactants, and even phosphates.

These give the initial appearance of a decent clean, but over time damage the natural colors and fabrics of the garment, as well as the environment.

After analyzing company after company for quality and mission, FREY found a chemical manufacturing partner with decades of experience producing products that are safer for the environment.  


Our formulations remove these damaging chemicals, while maintaining an exceptional clean through a specialized blend of enzymes and environmentally friendly surfactants.

Industry-Shaping Design

We questioned why the industry was still forcing giant, brightly-colored jugs of watered-down blue goo on us, with messy, hard to measure caps.

So, we designed a bottle that was easy to dispense, easy to store, and just flat looks better. Our concentrated designs and distribution systems eliminate unnecessary fillers and waste.

As easy as 6, 7, 8

No more messy caps and guessing at what line to fill to:

6 pumps: Medium Load
7 pumps: Large Load
8 pumps: XL Load

That easy.

Our entire line is designed to be easy to use, easy to store, and look good wherever you put it: from the gym bag to the shelf.


At FREY, everything we do revolves around making a positive impact: in our customer’s lives, through our philanthropy, on the environment, and on an industry. We hope you join us, and we thank you for being a part of the FREY community.