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Hey amazing FREY family,

Please note we have recently made a large migration to a new commerce platform.

If you are trying to access your account to change or cancel an order/subscription, you should have received an invite to your new account via email! Just accept that invite, and you can access your account.

Editing your upcoming subscription yourself is the quickest/best way to ensure any changes are made in time.

But we are absolutely here for you. Please contact us and we will take care of you! Thank you for your patience, this is a big step for us! 

All the best, The FREY Team

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions

I can't login to my account.
I am not sure if I have an account...
So accounts are not mandatory when checking out with us, however we save all your account information with your email so if you create an account with us here, you will see all your past orders!

I definitely have an account!
Ah that's annoying! We just switched eCommerce systems and have migrated over all of our accounts, you should have received an email from us to re-activate your migrated account (Maybe spam ate it?). If you can't find it then feel free to contact us and we will shoot you another one 😉.

We are very sorry about the hassle but we promise that you will love what we have planned for the new site and platform!

All the best, The FREY Team
My package was damaged during delivery.
Our team takes great care in shipping our product to you but occasionally packages can be damaged. We are happy to make sure that everything is fixed. Please shoot us over a photo of the package as well as your order number and we can handle it in either of two ways:

1) We can shoot you over a shipping label so you can send the package back to us, and we will send you a new one immediately.
2) If the leak/damage is not too bad, we can refund you proportionally for the amount (so, if 1/3 leaked, we would refund you for 1/3 + a bit extra for that leak ).
My package was lost or has not arrived.
When your package is shipped you should receive an email from us with your tracking. Once your package is delivered the tracking will update to that. If the address is wrong the package will be rejected and returned to us (which shows in tracking). If it shows as delivered, there's something that happened between your USPS person (mail person), and where they delivered it. Sometimes it can take 24 hours to 48 hours to actually arrive even if it says it is delivered.

After a couple days if you still cannot find your package here are a couple things you can do:
  • Make sure a friend, family member, roommate, neighbor, or someone else has not grabbed it.
  • Or that the carrier has not put it in a different place than normal.
  • If you live in an apartment building make sure the front desk does not have it.
  • Your local USPS office does not have it.
If it doesn't turn up, let us know, and we'll see what we can do.
My pump top is not working.
We understand the frustration around the many different pumps on the market. Nowadays these common household and packaging items sometimes change their system or different types are put on the market and we just don't know how to use them.

When you first get the product the pump should be in the locked position. To unlock it hold the base of the pump steady (the neck where it meets the bottle) and turn it to the counterclockwise. The pump top should unlock and will be ready to use =)

If you think the pump it's defective and need a new one we can send a new one to you!
Feel free to get in touch!
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards - Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club. Unfortunately we cannot accept Prepaid cards.

We also accept PayPal, and Amazon Pay for single purchases.

Have more questions?
Feel free to get in touch!
What is your return policy?
We are so confident in FREY, we offer a 100% guarantee & free returns on all of our products. If you do not like our product better than your current detergent, send us an email, and we will refund you your full amount within 30 days!
How long does shipping normally take.
Once your order has been placed you will receive an email from us with your order number and it should be shipped by our awesome team within 24 to 48 hours. Once your order has been shipped we will send you a confirmation email with your tracking number. The estimated time frame for regular shipping is 3-6 working days.

You can always track your order from the link in your order confirmation email or your account..

I did not receive my order number?
I did not receive my tracking number?

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For returns please ship to return address on package