I tried this eco-friendly liquidless laundry detergent. Now I'm obsessed.

Written by: Veda F. | In partnership with Frey

Ok. I know I'm not alone when I say: I've been plagued by the Sunday laundry day scaries for as long as I can remember. By Monday morning, I'm usually hit with the trifecta - stress, anxiety, and being moody af. A winning combination, I know...

After years of this, I finally decided: no more. Being tired and dreading doing laundry all week is not the vibe, and I was done using the big plastic jugs and generic, boring laundry detergents. I wanted an easy, great-smelling laundry routine that makes me excited to do laundry and make it feel less like a chore.

So I started doing my research, and I couldn't find what I was looking for until I found Frey.

Hello Detergent Sheets

Huh? I knew about laundry pods, powders, and other detergent alternatives but I didn't know that detergent sheets are one of the most eco-friendly, easy to use, and affordable options. And what surprised me even more was that it was one of the few detergent products that are 100% plastic-free and can make laundry day magical again!

With all this new info, I found Frey - a liquid-free, eco-friendly & aromatic detergent sheets. They advertised clean ingredients, gentle but effective formulations, and unique, fresh smelling scents with every wash?!

I was skeptical because I had tried other laundry detergent brands that had failed to live up to similar promises they made. But after seeing that this brand had more than 5,000+ 5-star reviews from people stating that it's made laundry day a more fun and pleasant experience, I needed to try it.

The Reviews Were SO Real

like these people were talking directly to me. Here are some of my favorites:

I can’t envision a day where I ever stop using Frey. So far my favorite is the Bergamot Beach, which is masculine enough for my boyfriend’s clothes but not too overpowering for mine. Use this and your clothes will smell amazing weeks later when you pull them out of the drawer, you will get compliments on how good they smell...” - Grace C.

"I have been impressed and pleasantly surpised by how fragrant, fresh, and clean my laundry came out. I expected the freshness but the ability to tackle the stains and be gentle was completely unexpected. Clothes visually are brighter, cleaner, and softer. Would definitely check them out." - Sarah A.

I was house sitting at my daughter's recently and really liked the smell of her bath towels. She told me what detergent she used, so I ordered some. I thought for sure I'd end up giving it to her after one load, but nope, I love this stuff! It smells so good and cleans well too. My clothes smell clean and natural with just the perfect amount of scent. I'm loving laundry day!! - Lynne S.

Yup. That's definitely the type of laundry day experience I was trying to have.

Goodbye Big Bulky Plastic Jugs

After trying Frey Detergent Sheets, I was immediately hooked. Like others, I couldn't believe that it actually works just as well as any other detergent I've used. I'd just add my clothes to the washing machine, add a sheet, and that's it. No more measuring and pouring liquid into the tray. Plus, I'm obsessed with both the Bergamot Beach and Cedar Grove scents.

Eco-Friendly & Clean Ingredients

The most insane part is that Frey's Detergent Sheets used plant-derived clean ingredients, are biodegradable, and 100% plastic-free. After a few loads, I was loving laundry day again and excited to do laundry throughout the week.

Unique, Fresh Scents

I love the convenience and ease of use of Detergent Sheets but the main reason I'm obsessed with Frey is because of their scents – they're SOOOOO gooood!

They offer 3 unique scents – I started by trying Bergamot Beach which is a refreshing beachy scent which Is my favorite. My husband loves the Cedar Grove scent which is a warm, intoxicating forest scent. 

The scent I'm looking forward to trying is their floral scent Jasmine Meadow.

My Secret To Loving Laundry Day Again

Long story short - Frey is now my secret weapon.

They offer a clean, eco-friendly, and delightful laundry experience and is my absolute go-to for all my laundry needs and making laundry not feel like a chore. I love knowing that I can look forward to doing laundry and being able to enjoy laundry day again makes me feel happier and more relaxed.

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